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Well I just found out my best friend in the whole world lied to me. She's always trying to cover what her fuckface husband does and I'm tired of it. Apparently he doesn't like me and doesn't want Al hanging around with me. So she told me she left him, and that her phone was shut off to get away from him. Well I tried her number cause I had a feeling I was being lied too and it was on. I feel like I can't be mad at her cause she was there when Rhonda's fuckface husband assaulted me, but I feel like she should've told me the truth. I know she was probably trying to protect me from finding out her husband doesn't like me, but I'd rather hear the truth. I've always been the girl who wants to hear the truth. I feel like I don't have a companion who has my back through and through and it sucks. I consider her to be my besty but it makes me wonder if she considers me to be as good a friend. I love her and don't wanta be mad, but I am hurt. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to work this out? If it were anyone else I'd have no problem confronting them and/or cutting them out of my life, but I feel like this situation is different. Any suggestions would be good.
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