Lisa ([personal profile] star_of_jade) wrote2012-04-18 08:11 pm


Had my interview with Guiding eyes. Didn't go well. I swear, I have performance anxiety. I'm not too worried though cause they don't know anything about using the GPS and dog in tandom so it kind of crosses them off the list. Leader Dog's camera's r being rented out so I gotta wait for them to be sent back to Leader before getting one. I almost wonder if it'd be easier to go to Seeing Eye. They have better vet services but I like both schools so I'm not sure. Guiding Eyes suggest I use Wilda and do an evaluation if I wanted to appeal their dicision, but I don't feel right bringing WIlda back into work after so long. I bet she could do it, but I'm sure she doesn't want too. Talked to Allison today she's definitely getting away from him. Got a movie I ordered on line today and watched it. One of my faves. Well write more when things r more eventful