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This is 1 entry I will write as public. I'm sick of other blindies who think they're better than the rest of us. We're all the same, and whether u like it or not, we all have similar obstacles at times. Yes there blind ppl who play the helpless role and r weird, but there r the ones also who r doing their best to be as independent as possible. There's nothing wrong with networking with other blind ppl if u have questions, and there's nothing wrong with getting together and advocating for what's right. So to those who do everything without dealing with other blind ppl, more power to u. To those who only hang with sighted ppl, more power to u. Just remember that we all come from different backgrounds and cultures so judging and ridiculing isn't always the way to go. I dated a blind person who hated all blind ppl, yet learned all their life skills at a school for the blind. How laughable is this.. If blind ppl r frustrated and wanta try to advocate for things to change, they have a right. If u don't like it, don't join us, but don't judge. I'm sure most blind ppl answer to a higher power and most religions preech not to judge. Just my thoughts. I respect that some blind ppl don't like blind ppl and think all we do is wine, but if that's the case, don't talk to us. I'd rather not know these kinds of ppl than have them judge me. Thanks.



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