Apr. 14th, 2012 03:57 pm
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So I found an easier way to post to LJ. I go through dreamwidth cause it's more accessible and I can have it sent to my LJ account. In the past 6 months or so I lost both Wilda and Phoebe. Wilda retired cause she was just not wanting to work and Phoebe started pissing on the furnature. It's weird without my girls here. I attended Leader Dog's mobility class and did really well. I am currently accepted to Seeing Eye, have an evaluation with Guiding Eyes and am waiting on Leader Dog to send me a camera so I can make the video and send it back. In other news, I found a really cool place called Fusion Brew where I go for tea and they have the best teas! I also found out about a site called blindmicemeggamall where I can download discriptive videos. I'm cooking on my own now and enjoy it. I just hate doing dishes. I'm wanting an IPhone but have had trouble figuring it out. Granted I only played with 1 for an hour at the verizon store, but I really need more time with 1 I guess. I'm now on obillify which helps me with my depression, so that's always a good thing. Monday I'm going to see Allison and her little girls. She had a baby this past year so I finally get to meet her! Well that's about it for now, will post more later.



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