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This entry may seem a little negative, but I've had a few things happen that I wanta write about. Well I feel like one of my friends and I r on each other's nerves. She says I take too many wrisks and that I walk around doing whatever the fuck I want. Thing is she's negative and has bad anxiety so doesn't take wrisks. She says I should always prepare for the worst case sinerio, which I used to do but thought I was being negative so I changed. I chose not to do this anymore cause it made me look like I always expect the worse and I'm sick of alienating others. I was supposed to see Allison, my best friend from Vegas but plans got canceled. She says she's left her husband and I hope to god it's true. He's such a fucking jerk! He always yells at her and her daughter calls him "Oscar The Grouch." U know it's bad when your kid calls u that. Anyway she says she's moving back to Chicago and I hope that's true as well. I worry cause I know she's a forgiving person and the way he yells at her and controls her is just not cool. Wilda's birthday party was also posponed cause the family has to go to Kansas for the end of June. So yeah, today was kind of a bummer. Ok, just wanted to get today off my chest. I have an appointment with Guiding Eyes so I'll write to say how that went. Did I mention that I found a Wiccan circle? It's called The Circle of The Spirit Tree. I enjoy it. Well I'll write more later.



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